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Christmas Cause

Christmas is a special time of connecting with those you love and a time to recognize the reason behind the season - the celebration of our Saviour's birth. Now that news alone is worth rejoicing! 

But Christmas is also a time of giving.

We’d like to challenge you to go beyond your traditional gift giving and make a donation to a cause that we can assure you will make a world of difference! Below you’ll find a choice of gift tags, each representing a special cause. These tags provide a very brief insight to the incredible work being done around the world by more than 2,000 SIM missionaries and 2,000 workers, through over 600 projects!

Cookies and Causes

But what do cookies have to do with causes? If all you do is donate to one of any of these causes, we sincerely thank you, but you could multiply your impact in a fun way and invite others to give.

Why not bake some cookies to give away, include a cause tag or two, and challenge others to give to one or more of these worthy causes? Join us in this cause! 

Christmas Causes

Children's Cause 
THE NEED: Children are some of the most vulnerable in society. There are children left orphaned, having to care for their siblings. Families are too poor to provide basic needs for their children. Children and youth need programs to keep them engaged and out of trouble.

WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM ministries include a daily feeding program for orphaned and poor children, child and youth centres as well as after school programs.

Donate to the Children's Cause
Download the Children's Cause Tag

Education Cause

THE NEED: Education is such a vital need for both children and adults worldwide. Education opens doors to many opportunities yet many do not have access to it.

WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM ministries include community education under a tree or in a classroom, adult literacy, youth and adult skills trailing, educating SIM worker’s children and teaching in community schools.

Donate to the Education Cause
Download the Education Cause Tag

Evangelism Cause

THE NEED: People are living and dying without hearing God’s great news. They need to hear that good news and have an opportunity to respond.

WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM’s DNA has been church planting since 1893. SIM has expanded into more creative access ministries to share the gospel including sports
ministries, community centres and other outreach programs.

Donate to the Evangelism Cause
Download the Evangelism Cause Tag

Health Cause

THE NEED: Access to medical resources are not always close by. There are communities
around the world that have little or no access to medical help.

WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM ministries include operating hospitals, medical, dental, eye and AIDS clinics. Many patients walk for days to reach SIM’s facilities because of the quality of care.
Ministering to patients provides an evangelistic opportunity as well.

Donate to the Health Cause
Download the Health Cause Tag

Justice Cause

THE NEED: Many people need a helping hand. There are women who have run out of options and sell their bodies to provide for their families. There are families who have to walk miles just to find clean water. There are countless injustices around the world.

WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM has ministries including projects for widows to teach
income generating skills, prison ministries, wells for clean water, youth centres,
halfway houses for prostitutes and drop in centres for the vulnerable.

Donate to the Justice Cause
Download the Justice Cause Tag

Media Cause

THE NEED: There are places where people cannot go but radio can. There are people who can’t read but can hear the Word of God. Bottom line: there are people who haven’t heard the Gospel but media can share it with them.

WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM has ministries including gospel radio programming, Bible translation, production and printing of discipleship materials, screenings of the Jesus film and uploads of Christian media to MP3s.

Donate to the Media Cause
Download the Media Cause Tag

Mobilizing Cause

THE NEED: People in Canada are not responding to the call for missions. Canadians need to understand and be encouraged to respond to the many around the world who have yet to hear the gospel.

WHAT SIM IS DOING: These mobilizing projects train and equip missionaries for the task of making disciples where Christ is least known - those unreached overseas as well as in Canada.

Donate to the Mobilizing Cause
Download the Mobilizing Cause Tag

Relief Cause

THE NEED: Disasters happen all the time. It is without notice and can cause great devastation. People are often left without food, shelter and basic provisions.

WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM is present in more than 70 countries worldwide.This fund is used for emergency relief needs. Some funds are sent to immediate needs. Most funds are disbursed to support 2nd or 3rd wave of relief and development to provide long term impact.

Donate to the Relief Cause 
Download the Relief Cause Tag