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Bob Kirk

Canada is now a post-Christian nation and culture. The catastrophic decline in biblical literacy has left many churches theologically shallow and spiritually vulnerable. Concurrently, growth of immigration from every part of the world presents a unique work-of-God opportunity (Acts 17:26, 27).


Our current focus is on developing a subset of our larger Ignitus Bible Curriculum—Genesis, Gospel of John, 1-3 John—as an evangelistic “tip-of-the-spear” resource to multiply the fruitfulness of The Life of Jesus film (Gospel of John) worldwide. (


Our vision for this pairing and associated movement building is to see much more of the seed, sown by the Sower, landing in “good soil,” bearing fruit and yielding a hundred fold, sixty fold, and thirty fold (Matt 13:23)—beyond human ability to measure. We are convinced this can be best achieved by networking through the local church on a global basis alongside many partners:


  • Creating a fresh energy for evangelism, discipleship and Scripture distribution locally and globally.
  • Starting a movement to rebuild the foundations of Canadian churches decimated spiritually and theologically by massive declines in biblical literacy (Isa 58:12).
  • Mobilizing the people of God locally and globally for cross-cultural missions by working with the local church. In Canada this will touch First Nations, diaspora ministries with immigrants and refugees, international students, and many more.


This is the most challenging initiative I have ever been a part of—to remedy the incredible injustice that most breaks my heart: the vision of billions “being taken away to death” and “stumbling to the slaughter” (Prov 24:11, ESV). I invite you to participate in this work with a commitment to regular prayer, and financially, as the Lord leads you.


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Bob Kirk

Country: Canada
Worker Number: 043055

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