Christian Entrepreneur Course

Christian Entrepreneur Course

Date: April 12 – May 17

Are you currently a professional in the marketplace with a desire to serve God more fully? Maybe you have a business idea that could harness your skills and abilities to glorify God while providing jobs for those who need it in hard places. Consider joining Jon as he facilitates a missional business class through SIM USA & SIM Canada. KIBIR’S Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program is ready to launch into Module 2 from April 12-May 17. This course will move you into testing business ideas. Learn how Matthew 28:18-20 ties into the entire operations of your business. How can your faith be the anchor of every decision you make around your business. You will be exposed to live testimonies from several marketplace ministers who have worked all over the world. Mentoring relationships are encouraged, formed and fostered throughout the 6 weeks, and the remainder of the year, and beyond.

This course is ideal for:

  • Graduating Students
  • Young entrepreneurs and business builders
  • Experienced business people
  • Potential advisors and coaches
  • Potential investors

Consider joining us! Bring your business partners with you and learn how to build Kingdom Impact Business.

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“KIBIR’s Biblical Entrepreneurship course was extremely influential in our journey to starting a business. The Biblical foundation, high-quality instruction, and thorough content and feedback provided the resources we needed to get started. Without this course, we would have been much less clear on the direction of our business and it would have taken us much longer to get started.”

– Darci W. (US Entrepreneur, Ethiopian Business)


“Prior to the BE course, I was part of four other Entrepreneurship modules and I can say with confidence that the BE course was by far the best course that i took. As an Entrepreneur who tries to bring different pieces together, sometimes rather chaotically, I found the methodology embedded in BE- Disciplined Entrepreneurship to be methodical and orderly. I also really admire the commitment and the expertise of the trainers as well”

– Amen T. (Ethiopian Entrepreneur, Ethiopian Business)


“This is a great comprehensive course for those interested in Biblical Entrepreneurship. The range of guest speakers from different backgrounds for the devotional time and topics provide depth and a good opportunity to network with them. I have benefitted and will recommend it to those who are serious in exploring [BAM/B4T] ministry.”

– Isaiah L. (Singaporean Entrepreneur)