Church Based Theological Education

Church Based Theological Education

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Church Based Theological Education

Biblical illiteracy is always in the top three issues raised in our research interviews with pastors. Our vision is to reverse the biblical illiteracy of sleeping western churches (Rev 3:2), and help provide biblical foundations for rapidly growing Majority World churches.


The Ignitus Bible curriculum of about 25 Bible book-based units is built on the foundational truth that God did really say what we find in the Bible, that it is completely reliable and without any error. Four distinctives will ensure the final product is focused in its direction but with potential for wide application:


  • Initiative Evangelism resources leading seekers into obedience-based discipleship in conjunction with The Life of Jesus film ( 
  • Multiplication Discipleship that grows disciples to maturity in Christ.
  • Movement Building by leading a movement of renewal in spiritual life and mobilization for global missions to make an impact for eternity.
  • A Distinctive ‘transformative’ pedagogy for biblical-theological, inductive Bible-book-based studies designed for lay people; and comprehensive teacher manuals and in-service training to raise up a new generation of church-based Bible teachers.


Ignitus units being paired with The Life of Jesus film are:


  • Genesis—laying necessary theological foundations, including the character of God, and the Prophet Abraham (important for Muslim-background seekers).
  • Gospel of John—highlighting the divinity and exclusivity of Jesus as the only way to God (Jn 20:31); engaging an audience spectrum ranging from media-sophisticated urban elites to unreached people groups.
  • 1-3 John—the marks of an authentic believer and assurance of salvation.
  • Genesis and Gospel of John will be dual-tracked for initiative evangelism and in-depth discipleship.


English editions will be ESL enhanced for use with diaspora/ immigrant/ refugee ministries in Canadian and global contexts; student ministries, international students, etc. We envision distribution across digital and mobility platforms to maximize the hybridity of technology and face-to-face evangelism and discipleship.


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Church Based Theological Education

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