Church Partnerships

My name is Simon Marrable. I am a missionary with SIM Canada and I want you to consider an exciting opportunity with SIM Canada!

SIM has more than 4000 workers serving in over 70 countries around the world. Our vision is to see:

  • disciples of Jesus expressing God’s love in their communities and
  • Christ-centred churches among all people

My ministry is to connect churches, in a cross-cultural global partnership, to people, projects and ministries that creates transformation for all involved.  This means sharing the Good News where Christ is least known.


The following videos are from church leaders who’s churches have been impacted by these partnerships. They have experienced how a cross- cultural relationship can effectively fulfill their churches responsibility to the great commission.


Something amazing takes place when God’s children work together.

My prayer is that these testimonies will challenge you and your church to also partner in the Great Commission with SIM.


Would you be interested in participating in a partnership with SIM?

Email me or give me a call at 416-520-7157

Church Partner Testimonial Videos

Mike Bells, Lead Pastor
Orillia Community Church

Dr. Chad Houghton Senior Pastor
Cobourg Fellowship Baptist Church

Jay David, Lead pastor and Founder
Mapleview Community Church

On the Field Testimonials

Ethiopia AFAR ministry

Work among Afar has existed for more than six decades but, until 6 years ago the number of Afar disciples at any one time numbered less than a handful. It was at this time that we partnered with SIM Canada. From the outset the partnership was, intentionally, to be more than just a one-way relationship based solely on financial support. It was about mutual cooperation and standing in unity, building up one another, joining together in prayer, with the common goal of evangelizing the Afar.

The key to the relationship has been journeying together – literally – where Canadian pastors and church leaders’ journey to Ethiopia, consult with FSA/FCBM leaders, encourage, teach, pray, meet with Afar believers and visit the Afar region. Together we have seen the Afar church established, believers discipled and more and more Afar reached with the gospel. Praise God for the fruits of this partnership!

Guret – Executive Director
Friendship Support Association/

Friendship Community Based Ministry

Hidden Abilities – Bahar Dar Ethiopia

Missions is impossible if both those involved in missions and the sending churches do not keep their visions alive.  When asked if we were willing to host teams from Canadian churches seeking to re-engage them in missions, we agreed, knowing that by investing in churches, God’s kingdom would spread, and perhaps God would use them to bless us and our ministry here in Ethiopia.

We have enjoyed the various teams from SIM Canada.  Personally, it is always an encouragement to share about our ministry opportunities and look at the ministry through their eyes. But they have also been a great encouragement to our small project helping handicapped children.  It was through the contact made from these teams that a specialist has returned yearly to work at our center treating children and training our staff.  The teams have generously brought supplies for our center.  In addition, bridges have been built between the pastors and the local church.  These pastors have contributed to the growth of God’s kingdom in this part of Ethiopia by teaching in the Bible School where the leaders of the church in northwest Ethiopia are trained.  

Has the goal of the program been accomplished- with more Canadian churches engaged in missions?  It is still too early to tell, but at least there are influential individuals within these churches who now have an increased vision for God’s work throughout the world.

Tim Fellows
Hidden Abilities Project Manager

Uganda Africa Arise – I Live Again Uganda

Having a Church Partnership Coordinator has assisted us in Uganda in various ways.   Having a consistent voice and liaison between Uganda and Church Partners assists in communication, expectations and cultural understanding from both parties.  It has opened the door for two sided partnerships and alleviates the perception that one side is more important than the other.   Partnerships must go both ways and we have been grateful to not only have the support of churches in Canada or the west but also an opportunity for us to stand in dignity and support churches/partners in the west through hosting them in our country/ministry, sharing our ministry skills, prayer and relationship building. 

It has opened opportunities for some of our Ugandan team to travel to church partners to update and build stronger relationships.   While financially we have also been encouraged in Uganda through these partnerships we have also been able to see and stand with our church partners through their challenging moments and be of encouragement to them.  We have been grateful for SIM Canada having a Church Partnership Coordinator standing with us in Uganda as it has not only opened more opportunities of partnerships but it has also allowed us to grow in greater knowledge in The Kingdom of God.  We are grateful that we have someone that can be our advocate and share with us how we can be better partners to those partnering with us.  We are better together.

Tricia DeBoer
SIM Canada
Africa Arise (I Live Again Uganda)