Creative Brief

  • The creative brief is the core tool used to define the strategy around a specific content deliverable. Please complete a creative brief at the start of any media project and submit 5 weeks in advance of the request.

    This will help you think through what you need prior to input from the graphic designer and will help them deliver high quality work that best fulfills your project needs.

    *Note: This creative brief will be accepted as complete after the print ready proof is approved. You will have a chance to make 2 rounds of edits.
  • Project Details

  • Example: Video, Brochure, Display, Information Sheet, etc
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Is this a budgeted item? If not, where are the funds coming from for this project?
  • Project Summary

  • Share the main concept/purpose. What are you trying to achieve with the project and what is the intended use?
  • Final Product

  • What are we creating together? Explain length or other details about each product (example, 8.5x11 flyer, 3.5x5 postcard, 3 minute video, etc)
  • Target Audience

  • How do you plan to get the communication piece to the audience?
  • Insert details about the audience you have selected. Tell us who they are, what their basic demographics are, etc.
  • Call To Action

  • Supporting Materials & Resources

  • Brand Filter

    Keep the brand filter questions in mind as you fill out this brief. You do not need to answer these questions specifically to turn this document in.
  • Seek others' first:

    In what ways does this decision seek others’ best?

    Go Above and Beyond:

    How does this go above and beyond?


    In what way does it reflect our commitment to and reliance on prayer? Have we prayed about this decision?


    In what way does it go beyond in terms of demonstrating our care or exploring new possibilities to reach more people and places?

    Support you in hard places:

    How does this reflect our promise to support people in difficult circumstances? Who is being supported? How? What are the hard places in this context or situation?

    Embody Diversity:

    How does this decision demonstrate or enhance diversity?