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Preparing for a missions focused life here and overseas

Missions is a lifestyle and not necessarily a matter of geography. No matter where your mission field may be, the following are some suggestions for cultivating a missions centred worldview.

Step One  - Personal Development

The where may not be clear yet but the who you should be is the same wherever you are – someone who is growing. If you are intentionally growing your character will reflect this. You can do a lot to intentionally grow into a missionary whether you stay in Canada or go overseas.

  1. Learn God’s Word
  2. Learn about missions and missionaries
  3. Leave your comfort zone
  4. Simplify your life
  5. Give your time to volunteer in your community
  6. Start praying or giving to a missionary
  7. Get physically active
Step two – Education

Even if you aren’t in school, consider taking an elective at a local college that could help you as you consider missions.  You could take a language course, African history or something similar.

Step Three – Go Deeper

Start a mission’s prayer or Bible study group at your school, church or home.

Step Four – Get Going

Sometimes you just need to dive in the deep end and apply to a mission organization. SIM would love to talk to you and to walk with you on this journey.  Get started by filling out the short form on the right to speak with a member of our GO Team! 

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