Ghana Flood Emergency Relief Fund

Ghana Flood Emergency Relief Fund

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Ghana Flood Emergency Relief Fund

Severe rainfalls in the Upper East and Upper West regions of Ghana have left thousands of families homeless and destroyed their farmlands. Some roads have become impassable, dams have burst, and wells are damaged.


In one district alone, Builsa North, 30 communities have been affected. Other districts are expected to have similar losses.


Just because it hasn’t hit the mainstream media in North America doesn’t mean these people are not worth our attention.


The families need emergency food, but mainly they need help to rebuild collapsed homes, and seed for the next growing season.


At least 2,500 homes, (many just one room dwellings for a whole family) collapsed.


These were homes of people too poor to afford to buy cement for the foundations, so as heavy rains soaked into the ground, their homes simply collapsed.


SIM and our partner church in Ghana are on the ground in these areas and can provide immediate aid to the people and families in need.


Would you consider giving a gift to help this community rebuild?


We have a matching grant to match all donations up to $25,000.  Your gift of $30 becomes $60 or your gift of $330 becomes $660!


$30 will buy 1.5 sacks of maize
$65 will buy 1 sack of maize and one sack of rice for one family: for food now, and some maize kernels to plant for the next year’s food.
$135 will supply cement and sand for 1 home’s solid foundation
$330 will restore a partially collapsed home
$665 will completely rebuild a home


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Ghana Flood Emergency Relief Fund

Project Number: 069995