Are you up for a challenge?

Do you want to invest in what lasts?

Are you willing to be transformed?


LAUNCH is an intensive internship experience with SIM for those considering long-term ministry.

SERVE in a role that fits your skills and interests.

GO IN COMMUNITY alongside experienced mentors and others like you.

EXPLORE MINISTRY in a learning, growing environment.



Individuals committed to following Jesus Christ into long-term ministry


Prefield orientation and book study

Cross-cultural ministry experience

On-field mentorship by missionaries

Language learning (many locations)

Postfield debrief and follow up


Apply by:

OCTOBER 15, 2020 for Spring Internships
FEBRUARY 1, 2021 for Summer Internships
APRIL 15, 2021 for Fall Internships
Also ask about year-long opportunities and custom internships to other locations.



*Fit | Children & Youth Education | Health Care
Serve alongside experienced workers in this culturally diverse country to partner with the local Church and make disciples among the least reached. Opportunities include engineering, camp, and discipling shoe-shiners. Spanish is helpful but not required.

Spring, Summer, Fall


Children & Youth | Marginalized People | English
Engage in life-changing relationships with people from different communities: from newcomers to victims of human trafficking. Whether you’re leading camps, teaching ESL, or serving at the margins, you’ll learn more about God’s heart for all people.

Spring, Summer, Fall


*Fit, Children & Youth | Education English | Sports
Explore various opportunities to minister to the least-reached communities in Ecuador. Whether your passion is special needs education, financial training, or anything in between, see how God can use you to make disciples.

Spring, Summer, Fall


Children & Youth | Education English | Sports | Church Planting | Media
Immerse yourself in Paraguayan culture by living with a local host family. Learn day-to-day life in rural Paraguay while assisting in local ministries and being mentored by an experienced cross-cultural worker. Spanish is required.

Spring, Summer, Fall


Support | Health Care
Work behind the scenes with a dental outreach and evangelism team in rural Peru. Assemble and tear down clinics, prepare equipment, help with childcare, and generally support the team. You will also be able to build friendships with people in the community.


United States

Marginalized People | English
Relate to immigrants and refugees in the U.S. as you learn from our team of experienced cross-cultural workers. See creative partnerships in action with the Church and local community as they seek to connect this growing population to Christ.

Spring, Summer, Fall


*Fit | Children & Youth | Sports | Media
Develop your gifts and grow as you serve in a variety of ministries, from evangelism to partnering with Uruguayans in a church setting. You will be challenged in areas of cross-cultural learning, spiritual life, and Christian service. Spanish required.

Spring, Summer, Fall

*Fit: This internship can be tailored to fit your passions and giftedness.



*Fit | Children & Youth | Marginalized People | Education | Health Care
Partner with Nigerian Christians to build relationships and make disciples. Ministry settings include urban ministry, teaching, business, communications, IT, orphan ministry, and more.

Spring, Summer, Fall


*Fit | Education | Support | Engineering | Marginalized People
Offer hope and compassion in this predominantly Muslim nation as you explore ministry alongside both missionaries and Nigeriens. You can be involved in a wide range of activities that serve the SIM team and local ministries, including IT, communications, literacy programs, sewing ministry, health classes, and construction. French is helpful but not required.

Spring, Summer, Fall

North Africa

*Fit | Education | Support | Engineering | Marginalized People | Media
Use your skills in engineering, business, web design, or other areas to engage least-reached communities. Expect to take initiative in your work and ministry. Additional ways to serve include accounting, community development, and English clubs.

Spring, Summer, Fall


Children & Youth | Development| Education| Health Care
Join SIM’s rich history of serving in Zambia by using your gifts in an established ministry. Diverse opportunities could include working at a youth center, elementary school, or in agricultural and community development roles.

Spring, Summer, Fall

*Fit: This internship can be tailored to fit your passions and giftedness.


East Asia

Children & Youth | English | Business
Learn from the various least-reached peoples who call this region home while teaching English in both formal and informal settings. Opportunities to study language or gain business experience are also available.

Spring, Summer, Fall


Children & Youth | English | Business
Cross barriers as you serve the local Church by helping with summer ministry outreaches to the local community. As you build friendships, you will build bridges between non-Christian Japanese and the Church.


South Asia

Health Care | Marginalized People l Education | English | IT
Spend time with the marginalized, develop leadership skills, and learn to love Hindus, Muslims, or Buddhists. Whether you are working with children, offering therapy, using your gifts in art and photography, or training people in work skills, all our ministries seek to plant healthy churches among the least-reached.

Spring, Summer, Fall


Teach children in missionary families who serve in areas where schooling options are limited. Meeting these needs keeps families in a position to serve their communities well and gives you an opportunity to learn from them and serve alongside them.

Spring, Fall

*Fit: This internship can be tailored to fit your passions and giftedness.



*Fit | Marginalized People l Education | English | Children & Youth
Unite with churches to share Christ’s love among migrant and refugee communities. Collaborate with workers from many agencies to serve in a variety of ways: from English education to sports to community outreach. Express the love and compassion of Jesus to those who may otherwise live and die without hearing His name.




Marginalized People
Experience the culture and begin learning the language in an organized training program. This opportunity will provide you an open door to engage and partner with others working with refugees from two countries.



Medical Rotations

Health Care
Complete a medical school rotation with SIM! We work with hospitals worldwide to provide an excellent placement that will meet your requirements. This opportunity is open to qualified students and residents.

Spring, Summer, Fall

Student Teaching

Educate the next generation of missionaries and world leaders through your student teaching placement! Learn from your cooperating teacher and engage the world in your international school classroom. Opportunities exist at SIM and partner schools worldwide.

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trek 2022

Marginalized People
Do you have a heart for the least-reached? Have you considered serving among nomadic peoples? Join us for Trek 2021 on a truck traveling off the beaten path to visit nomadic communities throughout Ethiopia and Kenya.

Winter/Spring 2022

Whole Person Care Preceptorship

Health Care
Help address patients' spiritual and physical needs in a cross-cultural medical setting. This opportunity partners with the Medical Strategic Network's summer Whole Person Care Preceptorship. You will receive training and will practice giving whole person care in the U.S. for 5 weeks prior to a 3-week vision trip in Africa.