Matt and Sam Chittick

Matt and Sam Chittick

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Matt and Sam Chittick

Matt, Sam, and Josiah Chittick currently live in Hanover, ON. They serve for a couple months every year or two at Galmi Hospital in Niger, West Africa.


Galmi Hospital is a missionary hospital that is run by SIM. It is located in landlocked Niger, one of the poorest countries of the world. Many missionaries of different roles, including doctors, serve at Galmi. Many locals also staff the hospital in various capacities. It is a place that unapologetically shares the love of Jesus with those who come through its doors for help, many of whom have never heard the name of Jesus before.


The Chitticks usually go to serve at Galmi during malaria season when there is a huge need for extra help, as the patient numbers quadruple but the number of doctors stays the same. Sam serves as a doctor, providing medical care for the sick and injured that come to the hospital, often spending a large portion of her time in the Under 5 Clinic, treating children. Matt serves in various capacities, preaching on Sundays, teaching music to locals and missionaries, and serving wherever there is a need that he can meet. Josiah continues to be exceptionally cute, making friendships with everyone he comes into contact with.


Thank you so much for your prayers and support of the Chitticks and of Galmi Hospital and the amazing work that is being done there!


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Matt and Sam Chittick

Current Region: Niger
Missionary Number: 039325


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