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Tuesday, March 10
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Howard Borlase 
Below is a story by Howard Borlase, a former SIM missionary.  On Saturday evening, April 7th, at 6:00 PM, he slipped quietly from this earth into the presence of his Lord and Saviour. Visit to read tributes about his life.

It was my second year at Prairie Bible Institute.  Having arrived for the fall term I duly reported to the office which allocated the "gratis" assignments.  The slip which Miss Heffner handed me said something about "feeding the pigs."  I was assured that neither terrible misprint nor horrible mistake was involved. Apparently a local farmer who had more livestock than money had given a gift of two live pigs to the school.  This, I gather, posed a problem for an institution that did not normally accommodate pigs until some (benighted?) staff member had the brilliant inspiration of "Borlase's gratis work!" Hence my fantastic assignment.

"But, Miss Heffner," I protested, "I can't feed pigs!"

"And why not, Mr. Borlase?" she enquired, sitting very upright and proper.

"Well...well, I'm from the city," I sputtered with an endeavour at dignity.

Miss Heffner considered me for a moment or two and decided against enlighting me concerning the recognized impartiality of hogs.  The twinkle in her eye was not unkind, but what she said surely sounded like a verdict, "Somene has to do it; he might as well be you."

The little white-haired lady, I think, hardly appreciated that she had initiated a brand new chapter in my life - and a tough one too! My "dignity" was soon badly mangled by several hundred students, gleeful to twit a real life Prodigal Son.   In a positive way, though, Miss Heffner's verdict has proven to echo the voice of the Lord at many crucial points of decision through the years.  When tempted to query, "Why me, Lord?  Can You find someone else to do that," back come those fateful words, "Someone has to do it; he might as well be you."

No doubt Miss Heffner could have enlarged on what we ourselves have discovered. There is very tangible satisfaction and joy of fulfillment in undertaking as unto Him that task we wished they would have asked someone else to do.

"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus...made himself of no reputation...took upon Him the form of a servant...He humbled himself..." Phil. 2:5,7,8


Friday March 27, 2015
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