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Our Projects

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To give to an unlisted project, click here.
With a vision for training church leaders and potential leaders in Chile, this project provides funds directly to Bible Colleges to allow the purchase of resources such as library books, and to offer scholarships to needy students. Read More
The project's two research farms, totaling 57 ha, serve as experimental and demonstration sites for profitable agriculture using appropriate technology, whilst providing opportunity for mentoring, discipling and evangelizing those who work there.... Read More
Mukinge Hospital was established approximately 50 years ago. This hospital serves the district around Kasempa in northwest Zambia, giving medical care to the local nationals as well as providing a full nurse training program. Mukinge Hospital... Read More
The project is aimed at meeting physical, spiritual and educational needs of the poor Quechuas in the city of Arequipa and surrounding region. The project includes a Breakfast program for about 2,000 children, preventative and primary health... Read More
The project is a progression from the relief operation, undertaken by SIM in eight Kebeles highly affected by food shortages as a result of crop failure due to drought. Three studies were conducted to get an accurate picture of the project area... Read More
This project aims to see biblical, contextual churches planted among targeted, unreached peoples in Ethiopia and to see churches empowered and individuals mentored for spiritual growth into missions outreach." In the last 5 years the SIM... Read More
The Langano School provides the most natural avenue of evangelism into the local community by providing Bible classes and daily devotions for hundreds of students in Grades 1 to 6 from predominately non-Christian homes. The school provides the... Read More
To provide a Christian environment for youth to hang out, pray, talk, read Christian magazines and books, listen to Christian music, obtain counseling, and receive Biblical teaching in an informal setting. This is an alternative to secular bars... Read More
Over ten years ago, SIM missionaries, John and Phyllis Coleman, adopted twin girls from southern Ethiopia long after their 3 natural born children were grown and back in Canada. The twins were very premature and one has cerebral palsy. As the... Read More
The project aims to equip women with sound Bible knowledge and with the ability to apply this knowledge in daily life, within their churches and local communities. This will be accomplished through a decentralized, "TEE" format of teaching. The... Read More
An important aspect of the training of Christian leaders is also to equip them with practical living skills needed to improve their quality of life and ministries. Most student come with only subsistence farming experience. One objective of the... Read More
This project seeks to aid both Muslims and Christians who suffered as a result of the crisis of sectarian violence which overtook Jos in 2010, killing hundreds and dispalcing many from their districts. SIM Nigeria wishes to provide support in... Read More
HOPE for AIDS Lulisandla Kumntwana is a church and community based project ministering to orphans who live in the community around Mseleni. Lulisandla Kumntwana's ministry began in 2002, caring for orphans and other vulnerable children and their... Read More
Salt And Light As Mechanics (SALAM) seeks to train disadvantaged young men to become productive members of their families, fellowships, and communities. This is accomplished through vocational training that results in marketable skills for all... Read More
This project's goal is to set up a center in the Rajshahi area for the training believers and especially of house church leaders. It would encompass the purchase of land and construction of a simple structure that could serve as a place for... Read More
This project assists needy people, including the handicapped, who are unable to pay for their medical care and / or medicines at the Piela Medical Centre and sometimes assists the same people if they need to be referred elsewhere ( transport,... Read More
Since 2003, the Celebrate Recovery project has developed a church based recovery ministry. It has grown into a nation-wide ministry with 26 churches involved in 8 provinces of Mongolia. Those local recovery groups have helped many individuals and... Read More
The programme seeks to connect and partner with churches from the different Christian communities of Bangladesh by providing literacy groups, seminars, children's programmes and pastor's booksets. Read More
This project is used for emergency relief needs that arise around the world from time-to-time, in countries where SIM has an established presence or where this does not exist, funds are disbursed through trusted partners. Some funds are... Read More
In Canada, thousands of teenagers run away, wander off, or simply go missing every year. Most return home. Those who don't experience the brutality of street life where the end result is often exploitation and human trafficking. They... Read More
The Rio da Huila Hospital treats about 250 tuberculosis patients each year. However for lack of food, many of these patients abandon treatment, putting themselves and others at great risk. Spirulina algae will change this picture…... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Okumu Modesto (50yrs) & A mango Be y (37yrs) Children: 6 Years in Acholi Quarter: 17 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Modesto was abducted 3 mes by the LRA. In fear of another abduc on or death he and his... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Ecel Patrick(45yrs) & Ecel Grace (36yrs) Children: 4 Years in Acholi Quarter: 18 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Grace and Patrick witnessed the atroci es of war in the northern region of Uganda. They... Read More
Africa Arise partners with 'I Live Again' in Uganda to provide trauma counseling. discipleship, job skills training and resettlement of families and victims of more than 20 years of war. It is estimated that over 30,000 children were abducted as... Read More
Life is not easy for the majority of widows in West Africa. They are often neglected by their families and face significant discrimination and isolation. The objective of this project is to care for up to sixty widows in Parakou by providing... Read More
The project aims to build awareness of HIV and AIDS using Biblical behaviour change as the best means of prevention.   Activities include: - Peer education to effectively reach young people - Community visits to reduce stigma and... Read More
THE NEED: People in Canada are not responding to the call for missions. Canadians need to understand and be encouraged to respond to the many around the world who have yet to hear the gospel. WHAT SIM IS DOING: These mobilizing projects train... Read More
THE NEED: People are living and dying without hearing God's great news. They need to hear that good news and have an opportunity to respond. WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM's DNA has been church planting since 1893. SIM has expanded into more creative... Read More
THE NEED: Children are some of the most vulnerable in society. There are children left orphaned, having to care for their siblings. Families are too poor to provide basic needs for their children. Children and youth need programs to keep them... Read More
The vision for this project is that people throughout Ethiopia, who live outside the influence of an evangelical church, would hear the gospel proclaimed, respond in faith, and grow in their understanding of what in means to live as a disciple of... Read More
Camp La Joya is a (interdenominational) 60 -acre camp which serves evangelical churches and Christian schools of the department of Arequipa (pop. 1,000,000). Its location in Vitor Valley makes it ideally suited for camp ministry - taking people... Read More
CSL Danja (Centre de Sante; et de Leprologie) is a general purpose health center with expertise in the treatment of leprosy. CSLF Danja (Centre de Sante; et de Leprologie et de Fistule de Danja) is a general purpose health center with expertise... Read More
Mukinge is the only hospital in the large (approximately 16,000 square mile) and sparsely populated Kasempa district. The hospital is responsible for the first level hospital health care of the people of Kasempa district and the adjacent... Read More
Several vernacular (local language) teams are working in some form of literature work in Benin. This project is to help support individual translation, literature and literacy teams reach their goals of translating and producing materials. Read More
Simroots is a 32-page newsletter/magazine for post-high school SIM Adult Missionary Kids (AMKs) and their former caregivers. It is published bi-yearly by AMK volunteers to a readership of about 2000, including those who subscribe by e-notice.... Read More
This project is designed to equip the Ethiopian Kale Heywet churchesto provide a Biblical education for children by training children ministry co-coordinators and teachers and equipping parents to spiritually mentor their children so that they... Read More
SIM Doro Clinic provides Christian based community health services for the people of Mabaan County and surrounding area populations of South Sudan. The program is multifaceted and holistic in approach and includes an outpatient clinic; community... Read More
This project seeks to encourage and train Beninese teachers in pedagogical principles firmly rooted in a Christian worldview. This training equips teachers with the perspective that transforms their jobs into outreach ministries where pupils are... Read More
This project assists poor people, including the handicapped, who are unable to pay for their medical care and/or medicines at the Piela dispensary/Maternity and sometimes assists the same people in their travels if they need to be referred... Read More
The scholarship program aims to provide six $1,200 USD bursaries to 6 students every year. This scholarship will cover tuition, living expenses, and internships for a 3 or 4 year training program. As part of the scholarship program, the... Read More
There is a great need and demand for Hausa language literacy and literature production. The project works mostly in Dogon Doutchi and Maradi areas. Greater work could be done with increased financial resources. Read More
The Southern Blue Nile Academy is a project to establish a Christian boarding secondary school (high school) in Yabus, Southern Blue Nile, Sudan, to teach and train students to become skillful and men and women of integrity for the service of... Read More
The TEC aims to bless the local community of Faridpur city and environs through training small groups of people in the following areas: - computer training - foreign language learning - office skills training for women - small business... Read More
Two new field offices have been opened in Faridpur, an area that has many households affected by arsenic poisoning. Funding is required to meet the growing demand for arsenic removal filters. Read More
This project reaches out to a large slum community on the western outskirts of Dhaka, the capital city of some 16 million people.  It aims to provide a range of services that will improve the lives of the people. The ultimate vision is to... Read More
The Mahadaga Medical Centre will continue to provide quality and compassionate medical care as before including outpatient consultations, pre and post natal clinics/care, children's clinics and vaccination program, care of malnourished children... Read More
SIM invests in the South Sudan by providing access to Scripture, facilitating transportation to ministry, training local Christians, and working with them to reach the lost in their communities. Our hope is for individuals and their communities... Read More
This project provides the financial needs of our national staff who have significant health care challenges. In our home countries it is uncommon for someone working in a Christian ministry to die due to lack of health care resources but in... Read More
Attacks against Christian churches and homes of believers in cities across Niger in January 2015 have left a wake of destruction, pain and fear. These events have resulted in the deaths of 10 Nigerians, millions of dollars in damaged property,... Read More
Today for Tomorrow is a Discipleship, Health and HIV and AIDS prevention Ministry, targeting children aged 14 years and below. It runs in a 3 year cycle through training of children's workers, volunteers and Sunday school teachers for them to... Read More
Sports Friends seeks to train and equip local churches and church planters to use the powerful platform of sports for intentional church planting, evangelism and discipleship ministries. Church leaders in many countries in Africa, Asia and South... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Okello Chris ne (39yrs) & Okello Christopher (37yrs) Children: 7 Years in Acholi Quarter: 20 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Chris ne and Christopher came to Acholi Quarter for safety. Christopher was... Read More
The Fulani located within Nigeria are the largest unreached people group. This project is involved in Evangelism (film, Mega Voice Player placement and outreaches), Discipleship, Convert Care, Education, and Training. One approach is to annually... Read More
This project provides Benevolent Funds to assist the impoverished who are unable to afford the full cost of medical treatment, while supporting the hospital's fiscal responsibility to meet its operational costs. This vital resource enables the... Read More
THE NEED: There are places where people cannot go but radio can. There are people who can’t read but can hear the Word of God. Bottom line: there are people who haven’t heard the Gospel but media can share it with them. WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM... Read More
THE NEED: Education is such a vital need for both children and adults worldwide. Education opens doors to many opportunities yet many do not have access to it. WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM ministries include community education under a tree or in a... Read More
This project aims to encourage the Kel Geres Tamajaq to plant a church among their own people group: to evangelize, to disciple and find Christian training for their own pastors and ultimately to see the Kel Geres support their own pastor... Read More
Street children in Jos, Nigeria, come from poor families with too many children and no food. They also come from broken homes where the dad moved to Lagos or the mom just walked out. And from villages bound by superstition where youth get the... Read More
Give toward an Ebola Isolation Unit at ELWA Hospital in Liberia. - $15 per day to supply one patient with additional medication and supplies. - $50 to provide sheets and blankets, that cannot be reused, to one Ebola patient. - $60 per day to... Read More
The provision and upgrade of the water and sewage system will be of great benefit to Mukinge Hospital in providing health care to the patients as well as providing clean and safe water for the Mukinge community. The current system is quite old... Read More
'Ecole Biblique Doulos-Bombu' is the extension campus of Doulos Bible School in Nindangou. When this campus was opened in January 2014, it became immediately obvious that a primary school option was needed for the children of students attending... Read More
If the project you are looking for is not listed, please add a dollar amount and click "Add to Basket". On the next page click on "+Add instructions to the Finance office"  and include details of the project. Read More
Peru prison ministry reaches out to English speaking women who have been arrested for attempting to traffic cocaine out of Peru. Since Peru is classified as a 3rd world country the prison conditions are very difficult for the women. As a... Read More
The Trinity Dental Clinic opened in 2008 with three dental treatment rooms, one hygiene room and a denture lab. The project aims to improve the quality and accessibility of oral healthcare and education in Liberia by providing dental... Read More
Sports Friends (SF) Peru desires to train and equip churches and church planters to use the powerful platform of sports for intentional church planting, evangelism and discipleship ministries. Church leadership and SIM Peru are looking for new... Read More
The project will respond to need from the recent earthquakes and aftershocks by constructing houses and a church in a community that was devastated by an earthquake as well as providing them with much needed trauma counseling. The Gospel will... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Nyeko Mary (32yrs) Children: 1 Years in Acholi Quarter: 13 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Mary came to Acholi Quarter 10 years ago. Mary works hard to provide for herself and her young son Simon through... Read More
God raised up Dr. Steve Strauss and others during the years of spiritual famine of the Communist era in Ethiopia to start the Evangelical Theological College (ETC). With more than 1000 graduates serving the Lord today in Ethiopia and across the... Read More
The Bariba Bible School was founded over 45 years ago to prepare pastoral leaders in the Baatonu language of north Benin. It follows a 5 year curriculum with the middle year being an internship assignment in a local church. The Bariba Bible... Read More
80% of Ethiopian people live in rural areas and are dependent upon subsistence farming to enable them to survive. Rainfall in Ethiopia can be inconsistent and there are times when either there is too little rain for the crop to grow or there is... Read More
This project is designed to assist in financing theological education for future church leaders, and to provide ongoing training for present church leaders including translation teams and other mission approved church leaders to equip them to do... Read More
There is a small, but growing Fulani Christian community. They are being taught in a variety of good ways. However, there was no residential school in Burkina Faso for intensive training for ministry purposes. Those seeking this kind of training... Read More
Funds are needed to provide scholarships for theological training of EE-SIM leaders and potential leaders and pastors. Read More
Mosoj Chaski: is a radio ministry that communicates God's Word in the Quechua language for the growth and maturity of the Quechua church and people. Over 17 yrs ago God impressed on our hearts the idea of having a Quechua Christian Radio because... Read More
The Gumuz leadership team is using oral Bible recordings and the translated book of Luke to share God's word. During the past year, the missionaries located in the area have worked alongside the leadership team to put Scriptural stories and text... Read More
This is an ongoing project that started in the year 2000 in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. The aim of the project is to rehabilitate homeless and vulnerable girls by fulfilling their physical, mental and spiritual needs. It is an... Read More
This project exists to assist select EKHC (Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church) students, who have been accepted into strategic and significant training programs, with their educational expenses. The current proposal hopes to provide four scholarships... Read More
SIM began training Christian leaders in the 1950's in the Fada Region at the Ninduuga Bible School. In the 1980's, the rapidly growing church in the North-eastern regions among the Gourma peoples necessitated the opening of a second school to... Read More
As the AIDS pandemic spreads across Malawi, the already stretched health system is unable to care for the influx of patients suffering from AIDS related illnesses. Seventy percent of all hospital wards are filled with AIDS related patients.... Read More
This project will see to the building of a new kitchen, four room toilet unit, and a laboratory. An increase in demands of the hospital services requires a quality standard of care for the hospital to effectively achieve a level of... Read More
The Children's Uplift Programme seeks to provide a holistic ministry in Dhaka city for street/at risk children and young adolescent girls from this urban Muslim environment. The ministry will include training in life skills, teaching in... Read More
The goal of this project is to expand the work of two Bible correspondence schools in Bangladesh that are associated with SIM. The school that serves the Hindu/Christian population is named Bangladesh Bible Correspondence School (BBCS) and... Read More
The purpose of this project is to begin a Christian youth discipleship programme, to recruit and train 15 caretakers and foster parents, open an educational center for coaching, private tutoring, empowerment and business classes, to provide... Read More
Civil conflict that began in 2013, continues between the South Sudanese government forces and opposition forces. Since 2013 Uganda has received over 1 million South Sudanese refugees, fleeing the conflict. Uganda now hosts the most refugees on... Read More
THE NEED: Many people need a helping hand. There are women who have run out of options and sell their bodies to provide for their families. There are families who have to walk miles just to find clean water. There are countless injustices around... Read More
This team will do an evaluation and project renewal of the English Language Empowerment for Mission project (#092022) and will offer mentoring, coaching and support to the Ethiopian coaches-in-training taking a TEFL Certificate and for those... Read More
This project aims to provide clean drinking water through 100 hand dug wells and possibly boreholes, enabling accessibility to a health clinic at Zarina, Niger State, Central Nigeria and creating avenues for interaction as well as easing... Read More
The Global Services project has been written on behalf of SIM International staff serving in Finance, Projects, Communications, Information Technology, Operations, Research and Archives and Human Resources/Personnel to help underwrite funding for... Read More
The main purpose of the project is to improve the physical facilities within the Widows' School. Much has been accomplished in recent years, but there is much that still needs to be done. A house for a staff family is currently under... Read More
Danja Fistula Centre (DFC) is the only specialized fistula hospital in Niger that handles fistula cases specifically. The hospital seeks to repair women with obstetric traumatic fistulas, equip such women with skills that will help them fit back... Read More
The vision of this project is committed Somali believers using radio broadcasts with email correspondence to reach and disciple their people into biblical culturally relevant churches in the Horn of Africa and beyond. The heart of this work is... Read More
The goal of this project is to build sufficient facilities on the existing camp/retreat site that will accommodate several groups with up to 600 people at a time. The Evangelical Church of Peru along with many other denominations regularly use... Read More
Doulos Bible School requires additional structure to effectively train the 50 ministry couples living on campus as well as equip them for effective ministry when they leave the school. Inadequate living & classroom space, child care... Read More
An important aspect of the training of Christian leaders is also to equip them with practical living skills needed to improve their quality of life and ministries. Most students come with only subsistence farming experience. One objective of the... Read More
The aim of this project is to revitalize the ECWA Hospital Egbe to ensure the hospital's sustainability as a leading medical and teaching facility. Staff recruitment of qualified Nigerian medical and executive personnel as well as missionary... Read More
There are now over 1.2 million orphans in Malawi. Most have been orphaned by AIDS. These children face loss of identity, increased malnutrition and reduced opportunity for education. Without adequate care and support, many of these children... Read More
Reducing the incidence of HIV infection in the Tahoua/Maradi regions while communicating the gospel message through increased education and outreach, as well as better access to and acceptance of voluntary testing and counselling. Communicating... Read More
The Bangladesh Bible Correspondence School (BBCS) seeks to give life-changing biblical knowledge to young people in Bangladesh through the provision of effective Bible correspondence courses. Its ministry is effective among the Christian, Hindu... Read More
The objective of this project is to plant Churches among Marwari Bhils, Mengwal-Marwaris & Mengwal-Seraiakis who live in the area stretching from Khanpur to Ghotki. Avenues to be pursued are: identifying potential new leaders; training new... Read More
This project aims to provide a means for the regional church to provide training. The church in China and the surrounding countries desires to increase the capacity of her pastors and leaders. There are limited opportunities available for the... Read More
There is a need for financial support of indigenous workers in Bangladesh as they work in local ministry. These funds may be used for salary, meetings, training, house rent, transport, hospitality, mobile phone, and book/tract purchase or other... Read More
The ministry`s purpose is to catalyze and strengthen multiple responses to human trafficking and prostitution in/around a large city in North India, where there is currently very little Christian response. Project money will go to five... Read More
The Pastors Bookset project seeks to train, encourage and grow competent and spiritual leaders in the churches of Malawi. Many Pastors and elders serving in the churches of Malawi are under resourced. Following on from the very successful... Read More
Bogandé is the capital of Gna-gna province, and a growing hub of activity. It is a high school city with several functioning Lycee's and Primary schools. The EE/SIM (Eglise Evangelique-SIM, our primary partner church) have a private scholastic... Read More
SIM Canada currently have more than 160 missionaries ministering to people's needs - both physically and spiritually - all over the world. We want to double this number! SIM Canada need financial supporters who are committed to spreading... Read More
The purpose of the project is to help in church planting and church growth through providing abundant clean water to communities in the north and east of Burkina Faso where clean water is in short supply. In 2016 SIM are planning to drill 20... Read More
This project receives and disburses funds for Dorcas Widows Projects in Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger, as well as future projects in other SIM countries. The Dorcas projects provide support to widows and their families who, with the loss of their... Read More
To allieviate human suffering (in case of disaster or calamity) in Burkina Faso. The expected outcome will be to enhance the churches' testimony in their local context, to alleviate some element of human suffering and draw some to Christ. Read More
Recognizing that missions needs to re-engage the church SIM Canada is embarking on a long-term strategy to boost missionary numbers by adopting three key objectives. - For churches who currently have relationships with SIM missionaries: SIM... Read More
Mukinge Mission Hospital experiences a lack of sufficient drug supplies to meet the needs of a busy level 2 hospital. Therefore there is a need to supplement drugs available for use in patient care. The current supply we receive is inadequate to... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Okello Nighty (39yrs) & Okello Vincent (56yrs) Children: 5 Years in Acholi Quarter: 20 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: During the war in Northern Uganda Vincent was a postal worker. The war caused his work... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Lamunu Hellen (53yrs) Children: 8 Years in Acholi Quarter: 24 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Hellen came to Acholi Quarter for safety. Her husband was killed by the LRA during the insurgency in Northern... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Aketo Rose (35yrs) & Oyet Caesar (41yrs) Children: 9 Years in Acholi Quarter: 13 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Rose and Caesar came to Acholi Quarter in 2003 due to war in the northern region of Uganda.... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Ajok Alice (38yrs) Children: 6 Years in Acholi Quarter:11 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Both Alice and her husband were abducted by the LRA during the war. Her husband spent a longer me with the rebels... Read More
Doulos Bible School exists on two campuses, one in Nindangou and the other at Bombu, primarily the farming project campus. During the farming season of 2016, violence erupted on the farm campus resulting in no harvest for the 62 student... Read More
SIM work alongside Scripture Union in schools and churches. However, to go deeper with the youth encountered in these visits - to disciple, counsel, and discuss real life issues and meeting place was required.   The youth center is a... Read More
This project is developing curriculum to help churches to reverse the growing trend of biblical illiteracy,  using inductive-expositional studies to develop spiritual maturity, discipleship, and leadership. Studies will be scale-able for... Read More
The Ethiopia TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Team is committed to training English language teachers in the context of Ethiopian Bible colleges and Bible schools. Building on the training of the last two years, in 2018 four... Read More
The project will provide 100 children (ages 3-16 years old) a place where they can learn, have fun, be built emotionally, psychologically and socially and be exposed to more positive spiritual influence in their lives. The children are primarily... Read More
THE NEED: Access to medical resources are not always close by. There are communities around the world that have little or no access to medical help. WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM ministries include operating hospitals, medical, dental, eye and AIDS... Read More
Pay your SIM application fees using this number. Read More
The Bingham Academy Campus is being redeveloped. It is envisaged that all buildings, apart from the current Gym and Workshop area, will be replaced and in most cases the functions of the buildings changed. Our objectives in doing this are to:... Read More
Ministering in more than 60 nations in the world, SIM teams are often located in places where disasters occur. Whether natural catastrophies such as floods, tsunamis and drought, or political upheavals and war, SIM is often already on the ground... Read More
This project will resource the activities of SIM's New Initiatives North Africa Champion who is tasked with travelling and connecting with workers and partners in the field to seek out God's vision for SIM across this vast lost region where 92%... Read More
This is the work of the mission. Going into the hard places where Christ is least known and changing people's lives. Will you partner with us to take the Gospel to where He is least known? Read More
New Life Church began with a children's program operating once a week out of missionary's home. It grew into a home church which met on the patio of the home for 6 years and then moved into a church building, the construction of which was... Read More
This project equips and maintains the Dorcas home that is run by a widow who lives there with her children. This home is also used as a transitional home for new widows. In addition, where needed, micro-financing is provided for widows.... Read More
This project's primary focus is the development of leaders, managers and administrators who oversee the SIM's work on a daily basis as well as directors and board members who govern the institutions. The goal is to strengthen Burkinabe and... Read More
Josh and Nadine reside in Kampala, Uganda, where Josh is the LifeNet Country Director, and Nadine is serving as LifeNet’s Medical Training Consultant. We are originally from Canada, where we both worked as Registered Nurses in... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Oyet Michael (43yrs) & Adong Jennifer (32yrs) Children: 5 Years in Acholi Quarter: 12 Reasons for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Michael came to Acholi Quarter during the insurgency in Northern Uganda with hope in... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Olany Nicholas (51yrs) & Akello Santa (43yrs) Children: 6 Years in Acholi Quarter: 10 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Nicholas came to Acholi Quarter before his wife. He was looking for employment to... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Lalam Agnes (30yrs) & Ocan Alfred (37yrs) Children: 5 Years in Acholi Quarter: 19 Reasons for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Agnes and Alfred have been in Acholi Quarter for over 19 years. The children have only... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Ageno Sarah (40yrs) Children: 6 Years in Acholi Quarter: 10 Reason for leaving their village: War/Marriage THEIR HISTORY: Sarah came to Acholi Quarter 10 years ago as she followed her husband. He came for safety from the... Read More
The purpose of this partner project is for 18 new nurses, lab techs and pharmacists to be trained so that the three rural centres of the UIEA Church Medical Outreach will have more qualified staff. Also the current health workers of each centre... Read More
OpenHMIS will develop and pilot an interoperable, standards-based, open-source hospital information solution in a low-resource African health care setting, administering the: business management needs; and clinical data needs of African... Read More
Youth suicide rates on First Nations communities in Canada are 7 to 10 times higher than rest of the nation. The average age of death in Saddle Lake Cree Nation since 2011, has been 46.3 for men and 50.1 for women.  First Nations people... Read More
Vaginal fistulas are a significant health concern in the developing world, where obstetric care continues to be a challenge, and where girls are married far too early.     Vaginal fistulas result in urine continuously leaking from... Read More
The project aims to provide theological students with bursaries to assist in their studies at the UNIVERSITÉ SHALOM DE BUNIA located in the Democratic Republic of The Congo. Students apply each year to a committee that approves bursaries... Read More
This project receives and allocates funds to projects overseen by missionaries who are part of the Northern Team in Ethiopia who are reaching out to the Awi, Gumuz and Northern Amhara people. The current projects include Gumuz Evangelism,... Read More
Galmi Hospital provides compassionate treatment for the poor and builds relationships in its community. Each day the gospel is preached and there are now two Christian churches at Galmi. By giving to this fund we can continue to treat those... Read More
The aim of the Mseleni Children's Home is to raise children in the love and discipline of the Lord in such a way that each child grows as much as she/he is able in every way (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). The Home is... Read More
The vision of the SIM Forest Fruit and Forage for Farm Families Project is to provide a better life for farm families. This includes physical health, basic life necessities and spiritual health. The primary target is the resource-poor... Read More
There are many children in Burkina Faso who have no access to good education due to poverty and or poor school environments in the public system. The objective of this project began with a desire to demonstrate God's love by providing children... Read More
The project aims to rehabilitate women out of prostitution, work with the children of women who have gone through the program, and provide prevention education to schools and churches. Read More
This project provides for the Amharic translation, editing and printing of the new Africa Bible Commentary, a 2,000 page commentary on the entire Bible written by African scholars. Read More
SIM BF has two Medical Centres in Mahadaga and Piela, these centres are in need of more medical staff to meet up with the challenges of medical needs in these communities. It is for this reason that this project was set up to provides the... Read More
The objectives of the B4A Restoration Home are to: - Provide a safe, loving and Godly environment for young women in need, where they can find shelter, community and context - Help each girl/woman to deal with issues, traumas or experiences... Read More
SIM Burkina Faso Children's Ministries desires to work alongside churches and other partners to encourage and develop strong ministries led by trained, competent workers who will be effective in reaching children with the gospel, helping children... Read More
An important aspect of the training of Christian leaders is also to equip them with practical living skills needed to improve their quality of life and ministries. Most student come with only subsistence farming experience. One objective of the... Read More
This project covers clinic fees, inpatient fees, and extended care fees for those unable to pay all or part of their bill due to poverty, social status, or other factors. Typically, some who benefit the most from this project are women with... Read More
For many years in Niger there has been a desperate heart cry of evangelists and pastors for refreshment and encouragement. Suitable facilities do not exist in-country to hold key church equipping events. Thanks to a significant gift received... Read More
Many churches and pastors are in the city of Faisalabad and it is difficult to serve the people of villages far from the city. Those who live in the villages can have an opportunity to hear the Gospel through the book van. The Book Van operates... Read More
This project is aiming to establish Coaching Centres and hostels for Marwari & Mengwal believers in order to compliment other church planing efforts, encourage financial independence, and assist young people to have an improved place in... Read More
This project is the second phase of the Ophthalmology Program for Piela and Mahadaga centres. This second phase is to build one surgery block in one in one of 2 of our clinics. This surgery block will be equipped to perform surgery for cataracts... Read More
First Ripple is a response to a “ poorly reached” society where widespread adherence to Christianity hasn’t penetrated to the core values of our church members. This ministry aims to envision and equip the... Read More
THE NEED: Disasters happen all the time. It is without notice and can cause great devastation. People are often left without food, shelter and basic provisions. WHAT SIM IS DOING: SIM is present in more than 70 countries worldwide.This fund is... Read More