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Prayer Is
05/19/17 · Recently, my friend Monica visited the Grand Canyon. Faced with the incredible scenery, she experienced a deep sense of God and reverence for Him. She was in awe and her heart just sang out praises to God.
How To Develop Grit
05/12/17 · What does it take to dig in and press on when life throws you a curveball? It takes grit. In missions — and in life — grit is the great motivator to keep moving, even when the path is rocky, uncertain and at times: just plain difficult! I have a feeling if you’re here, you understand that challenges are what...
Back to Work
05/08/17 · We are excited to let you know that most of the team is back on the ground in Doro again. The clinic is up and running and every day more and more patients are visiting for care. The clinic staff is now providing outpatient, maternity, nutrition, and leprosy care.
Chicken Dinner Ministry
05/04/17 · To some, $88 is not a lot of money. It is easy to imagine spending that much. But can you imagine what it represents for someone who has almost nothing? For the past 10 years, I have been ministering among a group of men in prison and know firsthand how little some have. The inmates at this correctional institution would never brag...
Little Things Save Lives
04/28/17 · Imagine trying to do your job without modern communication tools. Now imagine a hospital staff spread over a rural 33-acre compound with little electricity and unreliable cell phone coverage — at the hospital often lives can hang in the balance requiring basic and immediate communication.
04/14/17 ·  “I never thought I’d be able to give an injection!” Khushboo laughs, writing down the information of a child she’s just given a vaccination to. Khushboo’s stubborn gaze and steady hands seem like they should belong to someone much older. Unlike most of the young women in her village, Khushboo meets...
When Life is Too Hard
03/31/17 · What do we do when tragedy hits? When we receive a cancer diagnosis, face major surgery, we can’t have children, or the country where we minister faces major challenges? Tragedy takes many forms. Over the years I’ve learned some ways that help me to cope with hard times.
Urmilla's Children
03/27/17 · For over twenty years, Urmilla had sat alone at home every day while her husband went off to work. The shame of being childless had isolated Urmilla from her extended family. Her husband was supportive – an unexpected blessing in a culture where she might’ve easily been returned to her birth family as “defective." However, once he left for the...
We Are Not Beggars
03/21/17 · Broad-chested and well-muscled, Serajul looks like a bodybuilder from the waist up. His problem from childhood has been his legs, twisted by an early case of polio. Daily life in a subsistence farming community is hard enough, but when you can’t do work that demands walking long distances, it becomes even harder.
Unmarried Children
03/13/17 · “I was married,” says Ramseki, “when I was still drinking milk. But you don’t move to the husband’s house until you grow up.” By “grow up,” Ramseki means about twelve years old. Ramseki belongs to a highly untouchable caste that has  been marrying off their daughters by the age of two or three for as...