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University Student Outreach: A Campus Tour
07/24/17 · I thought I was done with that life – those days in university that included late nights writing papers, a caffeine addiction that enabled the aforementioned late nights as well as 8 am lectures. Not to mention sharing a bathroom with three other girls and dining hall food. But here I am, back on campus. This time, I'm at a university in China to learn...
10 More Ways to Say "I Love You"
06/30/17 · We use this word "love" very loosely. "I love my cat.", "I love gelato.",  "I love playing Ticket to Ride." "Like" on the other hand, seems to be a lesser form of love. For example, I once told my group of girlfriends that, even after being married for so long, I still like my husband.
Gifts That Keep Giving
06/22/17 · We give gifts during special occasions but giving gifts is not my gift. I can’t think beyond socks and chocolates. Maybe because in our society, we are already overflowing with possessions. Maybe because my father always said, “Don’t spend unnecessary money.” (I think he meant, “Don’t spend money unnecessarily.”)
Live Like It's Your Last Day
06/06/17 · My friends are dying. I’m dying. In fact, we are all dying. Oh don’t panic! I’m not sick. Nothing like that. Everyday, we wake up. We are alive and we push the idea of death as far away as possible. However, death is very near. I noticed it in Zambia where...
Good Friday Celebration
06/06/17 · When the neighbourhood kids realized that I would not be home on Easter weekend, they organized a function themselves.  Well, I had been praying that the children would come together as a sort of faith community in the future.  Could this be the child-like beginnings?
Is Famine God's Curse in North East Ethiopia?
06/06/17 · Ali is a cattle herder. He is an old man in his community. Ali relates “In old days we Afar had many animals and few worries. We were happy and at peace.  Our camels and cattle produced so much milk that we poured some of it on the ground.  In those days it was rare to find a poor person. If we did, the community would give him animals so that he...
Famine in Africa: Double your Impact
06/05/17 · More than 20 million people in East Africa are at risk of starvation as a result of severe drought conditions and intensifying conflict.
One in a Million
06/05/17 · Amir first came to Galmi Hospital after suffering a major electrocution injury – while surgeons were able to save his feet, both his hands were amputated. Amir was crushed. But Deb Knight never gave up on Amir. She knew what was possible for him.
Prayer Is
05/19/17 · Recently, my friend Monica visited the Grand Canyon. Faced with the incredible scenery, she experienced a deep sense of God and reverence for Him. She was in awe and her heart just sang out praises to God.
How To Develop Grit
05/12/17 · What does it take to dig in and press on when life throws you a curveball? It takes grit. In missions — and in life — grit is the great motivator to keep moving, even when the path is rocky, uncertain and at times: just plain difficult! I have a feeling if you’re here, you understand that challenges are what...