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We Are Not Beggars
03/21/17 · Broad-chested and well-muscled, Serajul looks like a bodybuilder from the waist up. His problem from childhood has been his legs, twisted by an early case of polio. Daily life in a subsistence farming community is hard enough, but when you can’t do work that demands walking long distances, it becomes even harder.
Unmarried Children
03/13/17 · “I was married,” says Ramseki, “when I was still drinking milk. But you don’t move to the husband’s house until you grow up.” By “grow up,” Ramseki means about twelve years old. Ramseki belongs to a highly untouchable caste that has  been marrying off their daughters by the age of two or three for as...
When Women Come Together
03/06/17 · Prabhouti’s husband had died, leaving her with four sons. The life of a widow is always hard in Prabhouti’s village – a woman’s standing and rights depend solely on her husband. Girls are not usually educated in Prabhouti’s community, so women left on their own lack any skills they can use to support themselves. A childhood encounter...
A Lifetime's Job
02/28/17 · Lent begins on March 1; in the weeks leading up to Easter, Christians around the world spend extra time fasting, praying, and reflecting. This year, SIM Stories invites you to journey through Lent with Chetna, a community health and development program in North India. May their work inspire you this Lenten season.
Canadian Missions Research Forum
02/27/17 · A national study commissioned by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and the Canadian Missions Research Forum (CMRF), has found that there isn’t a well-defined evangelical consensus about the definition of mission. The lack of clarity raises concern not only about how people become involved in mission but about the nature and purpose of the Church.
National report on short-term mission
02/27/17 · First report based on national mission study reveals trends and raises concern
Salt and Light As Mechanics
02/01/17 · We seek to train disadvantaged young men to become productive members of their families, fellowships, and communities. This is accomplished through vocational training that results in marketable skills for all graduates, and through moral/spiritual training that results in transformed lives of integrity, service & leadership.
Perspectives Intensive Class
01/12/17 · Perspectives is a dynamic, internationally respected study program exploring God’s unchanging purposes. It’s designed around four “perspectives.” Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic - that will deepen your ability to perceive how God wants to work in his world through Fifteen lessons and a variety of speakers will open your eyes to...
SIM South Sudan team safely evacuated
01/03/17 · We praise God for a safe evacuation on 27 December of our entire South Sudan team out of Doro with the assistance of AIM AIR and our SIM Crisis Management Team. Following several days of unrest between the refugee communities and the host community, our 18 adults and five children safely arrived in Kenya from South Sudan, thanks to the courageous and...
Share Jesus This Christmas
12/06/16 · This Christmas we want to help build the global church! We have projects that help all aspects of Church ministry in several different countries around the world!  Leading up to Christmas, we’ll introduce you to each project.  See how you can get involved this year to impact lives and share the gospel where Christ is least known.