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Nomad Truck Venture

Join a Central Asia Nomad Truck Venture this summer! This could be a defining trip in your life. 

What is this trip about?
The trip is a mobile “workshop,” travelling through countries where nomads roam. SIM is working with the Nomadic Peoples Network and they have hired a commercial trekking
company based in the UK to drive.  The trip out will take five weeks in each direction. The general dates of the first trip are from June 1, 2018 through July 5, 2018. Then a second trip start around July 12, 2018 and go through August 15, 2018. Proven and reliable mentors who have lived and worked among nomads will provide a mobile introduction to missions among the nomadic people groups of Central Asia.

Is this for me?
The short answer: If you are single or married around ages 21 to 40 (children cannot go), or have a desire to explore a calling to those hard to reach people groups. You are an adventurer, back packer or a camping enthusiast. We are looking for short termers who desire to join this venture with an open heart and mind to meet Nomads, understand better their life, culture, and spirituality.

What are the costs?
$5000 includes seat on the truck, food, the occasional hostel, access to camping gear. Reservation deadline is Friday, February 2, 2018. Plus airfare from your location and back home again, visa costs (we will help you navigate getting your visas), health and emergency insurance and vaccinations.

Contact us (Canada.goteam@sim.org) to get more information or apply today at www.sim.ca/exploremission

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