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Sacrifice and Obedience When It's Difficult

By Tricia DeBoer (missionary in Uganda)

Hellen is a single mother of 9 children.  She works really hard to provide for her children.  Every day she sells charcoal in Acholi Quarter in Uganda.  Recently, as she was at a community meeting she was given her 5 kilos of beans and 5 kilos of maize flour.  It was a small support for her and she was grateful for it.  She had no food in her home.  As soon as she returned to her home she started her charcoal stove.  She was going to prepare the food that was given to her.   As she was warming up her stove someone from within the slum stopped by her home.  They shared with Hellen how a friend within the slum was not doing very well, had no food and desperately needed support.  Hellen prayed about the need and felt the Lord telling her she needed to give the 5 kilos of beans and maize to this friend in need.  Those around her told her that she should just give half of the amount to the friend in need, after all Hellen was also in need.  Yet she felt strongly that the Lord was telling her to give all she had to her friend in need.  She gave the 5 kilos of beans and the 5 kilos of maize flour to the friend need.  She returned back to her home wondering how she would now get food for herself and her children.

Without hearing or knowing the immediate needs of Hellen, our Ugandan partners had received some support that was designated to assist a family in need within Acholi Quarter.  Oscar from our Ugandan partner ministry prayed and asked the Lord who they should support.  The needs within Acholi Quarter are overwhelming and sometimes its hard to choose one family over another.  The Lord brought Hellen to Oscar's mind.  He went 
and bought 15 kilos of beans and 15 kilos of maize flour for Hellen and her family.   After purchasing the food Oscar went to her home.  When he arrived he found Hellen's charcoal stove ready to cook food but she had no food in the house. When they shared that they wanted to give her 15 kilos of beans and 5 kilos of maize flour she was amazed!  She began to weep.  She shared with them how that morning she was given 5 kilos of beans and maize flour because she felt the Lord asking her to do so.  She told them how she had literally heard the Lord speak, how she was obedient and how the Lord was blessing her through it.  
Hellen's willingness to listen to the Lord and then be obedient was rewarded abundantly!  Through this experience we were all reminded of the story of Elijah and the widow.  It was a strong reminder to us to listen well and be obedient to whatever the Lord may be asking us to do. No matter how difficult the circumstance the Lord will honor obedience. Be encouraged!
Hellen and families like hers are supported through Africa Arise and it's Ugandan partners who also provide Trauma Counseling, Discipleship and Resettlement to victims of war.

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