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The Lord of the Harvest

How do you get people interested in serving in South Sudan? I've never found, nor have I ever tried to use, persuasive arguments. What are you supposed to say? It's gratifying, perhaps?

I tell them the whole truth so that, if they come, it's doing so with their eyes wide open. What do I tell them then? That it's like spending your whole life camping. It's oppressive weather, poisonous snakes, scorpions, and insecurities that eat away at sleep and personal resilience. Beside that there are the stories one hears. The little stories multiplied a million times. Mothers, fathers, young people, all recounting their heartbreaking stories that make you despair at the human condition of sin.

How does one ever successfully appeal for more workers to come to South Sudan? What can I say to make them want to come? What do we do?

"Ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers in his harvest field." (Paraphrased)

That's it? No cost benefit calculation? No promise of adventure? No speech on "the challenge is worth it?" Just some meager words offered to God, as prayers, asking for the impossible?

Apparently, that'll do!

God is calling all people to all places! Check out this Harvest Worker video to see how South Sudan is cultivating a diverse team to reach the community in South Sudan. If you are interested in learning about new opportunities in South Sudan, contact us today!

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