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The YES Initiative

Human trafficking of girls and young women in the sex trade is a major human rights problem in Canada; and one, entirely funded by the men who purchase sexual services. Because it’s a man’s issue, SIM is calling on men to end this violence. As part of our YES Initiative, we areexcited to introduce Men Ending Trafficking. 

Men Ending Trafficking is led by a taskforce that will educate and mobilize the men of the church in the GTA, to stand against commercial sexual exploitation, in all it’s forms. Together, we will work with community leaders, law enforcement, educators and the general public, to help end human trafficking in Canada.

We are looking for men to help ensure human trafficking in the Greater Toronto Area will not go unchecked. The MET Taskforce is available for speaking at churches, conferences and men's gatherings.

Contact us for more information
 or check out www.johncassells.com

Youth Exploitation Stops
In Canada, thousands of teenagers run away, wander off, or simply go missing every year.  Most return home. Those who don't experience the brutality of street life where the end result is often exploitation and human trafficking. They quickly become the street youth of our cities. Some of you see. Most of you don't. The YES Initiative (Youth Exploitation Stops) exists to shine the light on these unseen youth, through building awareness and engaging the local church in ministering to this hidden and highly vulnerable sector of society.

Through this initiative, founder John Cassells, seeks to motivate and enable the church to get involved in these issues of social justice.  This is just the beginning and there is much to be done! As we begin this work, we need you to get involved with Men Ending Trafficking (MET).
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