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  • Life in a 35L Backpack

    Spending many of the days in and around the truck Penelope in close quarters with teammates, mentors and locals challenged my introversion, but also gave me a chance to practice...

  • Cholera Outbreak Mitigation Project

    The new wave of Cholera started in June 2018 in the Afar region of Ethiopia, where almost 30,000 workers have no access to safe water. You can help stop the spread of Cholera!

    Help now!
  • Serving God With What You Love

    “It touched my heart,” PbeeMai says. It’s one of his constant refrains, and when he says it, he puts his hand to his heart with a slightly melodramatic air and...

  • The Day I Encountered my own Heart-Language

    So there's a phrase people here often use when encouraging us in our language learning. They'll say, "N naa kukeri!" which means "You're doing well!" We appreciate their kindness!

  • Is God calling you to use your skills?

    Do you feel compelled to share Christ  with those who have not yet heard His  name?  We would love to talk to you about opportunities around the world.

    Let's Talk!
Compelled by God's great love and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we:


We cross barriers to proclaim the crucified and risen Christ, expressing His love and compassion among those who live and die without Him.


We facilitate the participation in cross-cultural ministry of those whom God is calling.


We make disciples who will trust and obey Jesus and become part of Christ-centred churches.


We work together with churches to fulfil God's mission across cultures locally and globally.