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Our Projects

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Funding for this project will assist IBCD staff members (the Institute for Biblical Community Development - USA) to travel overseas to train, consult and follow-up and encourage IBCD graduates in the field and to identify issues that may still... Read More
The project aims to equip women with sound Bible knowledge and with the ability to apply this knowledge in daily life, within their churches and local communities. This will be accomplished through a decentralized, "TEE" format of teaching. The... Read More
An important aspect of the training of Christian leaders is also to equip them with practical living skills needed to improve their quality of life and ministries. Most student come with only subsistence farming experience. One objective of the... Read More
SIM Canada uses this fund to respond to disasters as they happen worldwide. With have missionaries in more than 65 countries, SIM is able to rapidly respond to situations as they occur on the ground. They are able to assess what is needed and... Read More
In Canada, thousands of teenagers run away, wander off, or simply go missing every year. Most return home. Those who don't experience the brutality of street life where the end result is often exploitation and human trafficking. They... Read More
Phase 2 of this project will fund construction of an Oxygen Generation Plant at Tansen Hospital, as a safeguard against future earthquakes and landslides cutting the hospital oxygen supply. Currently the oxygen supply is transported in large... Read More
The Rio da Huila Hospital treats about 250 tuberculosis patients each year. However for lack of food, many of these patients abandon treatment, putting themselves and others at great risk. Spirulina algae will change this picture…... Read More
"We want to see Jesus" was the motto for the front of the podium t Ralph Jacobson built that was used in the Bible school and for all the conferences at Durame station in Ethiopia. It was a reminder to both the speaker and the listeners of the... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Okumu Modesto (50yrs) & A mango Be y (37yrs) Children: 6 Years in Acholi Quarter: 17 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Modesto was abducted 3 mes by the LRA. In fear of another abduc on or death he and his... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Ecel Patrick(45yrs) & Ecel Grace (36yrs) Children: 4 Years in Acholi Quarter: 18 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Grace and Patrick witnessed the atroci es of war in the northern region of Uganda. They... Read More