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Our Projects

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This project is used for emergency relief needs that arise around the world from time-to-time, in countries where SIM has an established presence or where this does not exist, funds are disbursed through trusted partners. Some funds are... Read More
In Canada, thousands of teenagers run away, wander off, or simply go missing every year. Most return home. Those who don't experience the brutality of street life where the end result is often exploitation and human trafficking. They... Read More
"We want to see Jesus" was the motto for the front of the podium t Ralph Jacobson built that was used in the Bible school and for all the conferences at Durame station in Ethiopia. It was a reminder to both the speaker and the listeners of the... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Okumu Modesto (50yrs) & A mango Be y (37yrs) Children: 6 Years in Acholi Quarter: 17 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Modesto was abducted 3 mes by the LRA. In fear of another abduc on or death he and his... Read More
SNAPSHOT: Ecel Patrick(45yrs) & Ecel Grace (36yrs) Children: 4 Years in Acholi Quarter: 18 Reason for leaving village: War THEIR HISTORY: Grace and Patrick witnessed the atroci es of war in the northern region of Uganda. They... Read More
Africa Arise partners with 'I Live Again' in Uganda to provide trauma counseling. discipleship, job skills training and resettlement of families and victims of more than 20 years of war. It is estimated that over 30,000 children were abducted as... Read More
The programme seeks to connect and partner with churches from the different Christian communities of Bangladesh by providing literacy groups, seminars, children's programmes and pastor's booksets. Read More
Phase 2 of this project will fund construction of an Oxygen Generation Plant at Tansen Hospital, as a safeguard against future earthquakes and landslides cutting the hospital oxygen supply. Currently the oxygen supply is transported in large... Read More
The project aims to build awareness of HIV and AIDS using Biblical behaviour change as the best means of prevention.   Activities include: - Peer education to effectively reach young people - Community visits to reduce stigma and... Read More
Life is not easy for the majority of widows in West Africa. They are often neglected by their families and face significant discrimination and isolation. The objective of this project is to care for up to sixty widows in Parakou by providing... Read More