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Who We Are

Our Purpose

Convinced that no one should live and die without hearing God's good news, we believe that He has called us to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where he is least known. 

Our Purpose Statement in Action

Therefore, compelled by God's great love and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we:

  • cross barriers to proclaim the crucified and risen Christ, expressing His love and compassion among those who live and die without Him,
  • make disciples who will trust and obey Jesus, and become part of Christ-centred churches,
  • work together with churches to fulfill God's mission across cultures locally and globally,
  • facilitate the participation in cross-cultural ministry of those whom God is calling. 
SIM Canada 

sends missionaries FROM Canada to more than 65+ countries worldwide, 
receives missionaries TO Canada, 
ministers IN Canada alongside the church.

Our passionate desire is to be used by God to change the world!
We are convinced that God's primary means of relating to and transforming the world is the church. Thus, where there is no church, we are committed to evangelism and starting churches. Where a church exists, we are committed to strengthen the church through teaching the Bible, developing leaders, and equipping the church to fulfill Christ's Commission. Our ideal church-mission relationship is a dynamic interdependent partnership that reaches out together to love the unreached world.
SIM is not a church denomination,
yet our primary purpose is to facilitate local churches to send cross-cultural missionaries. We seek to humbly serve and boldly challenge churches in their obedience to God's mandate to be witnesses in all the world. In many countries, the emerging church is catching the vision for cross-cultural missions but needs help to establish sending agencies. Our desire is to assist churches to set up mission boards with the hope that some of their missionaries may be dual members with SIM. We desire to be a church-planting mission and a mission-planting mission!
We are a General Mission
We appreciate and work closely with specialized missions in Bible translation, radio, development, evangelism, medicine and aviation. Our distinctive is not our methodology, but our church-focused vision. We are seriously involved in Bible translation, hospitals, radio, development and aviation, but all these are a means to plant, strengthen and partner with churches. Our focus is the church, not a strategy.
SIM has over 2,000 active missionaries and 2,000 national workers
They come from about 70 different countries and serve in more than 70 countries in every continent of the world (excluding Antarctica). Established in 1893, SIM includes Africa Evangelical Fellowship, Andes Evangelical Mission, International Christian Fellowship, and Sudan Interior Mission. Through SIM's ministries over 9 million people have become believers, and more than 18,000 churches have been established.
SIM Canada is a Canadian Charity
SIM Canada is a registered Canadian charity (Registration  #12994-7537-RR0001). SIM Canada is a member of Missio Nexus (connecting the Great Commission community of North America).  SIM Canada is also a member of, and accountable to, the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.