Ministry to Nomadic Tribes

Thursday, August 25 2022

Herding is a way of life for the world’s largest nomadic people group: The nomadic tribes are found across West and Central Africa, many groups routinely travel hundreds of kilometers each year on foot, leading their cattle and other livestock to pasture and water. They cherish virtues such as courage, hospitality, and dignity in their traditional social code. While many have settled and farm, keeping cattle remains a central element of their identity. Among this people group, Islam is the majority religion and holds a crucial place in their ethnic identity. How can they hear of Jesus and turn to Him?

Migrant Workers Outreach

Thursday, September 8 2022

Do you know there are hidden, unengaged people in Canada?

50,000 to 60,000 foreign agricultural workers come here to work each year. Migrant workers travel far from their home countries to find seasonal work on farms. They live far from their families and they work up to 14 hours a day plus at harvest time, with limited days off at times.  During a decade of service, Lane Elliott reached out to migrant workers in Mexico with the gospel. Currently, Lane lives in Alberta, but he still runs an outreach in a couple of vineyards in Mexico where more than 1500 young men are working. He regularly visits small groups at individual farms in western Canada, not only sharing the gospel, but also training them to share it with their friends and families back home.

Explore Middle East

Thursday, September 22 2022

It seems impossible to reach people steeped in their own culture, tradition and religion. But God is at work in the Middle East in unprecedented ways! As the region is shaken by conflict, economic challenge and political instability, many are searching for meaning and for security. SIM has a team of about 50 people, serving with the local churches in six Middle East countries. They have a heart for the peoples of the Middle East, committed to learning language and culture. They show their flexibility and resilience as they serve in sensitive contexts. Are you intrigued? Come hear their stories.

SIM Community for Conversation on Missions

Join us every second Saturday of the month
10-11:30 AM Pacific/1-2:30 PM Eastern
You’re serious about your faith and missions but most people don’t get you. Are you looking for a place to belong? SIM Community engages together to learn, pray, welcome, mobilize, send and go. We have a love for Jesus and a passion for local and global missions.

We gather to:
• Be equipped.
• Share personally in small groups.
• Get challenged in our missions journey.
• Pray for the world and for each other.

Christian Professional and Entrepreneurship Course

Date: August 9 - September 13


KIBIR’S Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program is ready to launch into Module 3 from Aug 9th-Sept 13. This course will move you into launching your business ideas. Learn your faith be the anchor of every decision you make around your business. You will be exposed to live testimonies from several marketplace ministers who have worked all over the world. Mentoring relationships are encouraged, formed and fostered throughout the 6 weeks, and the remainder of the year, and beyond.

This course is ideal for:

  • Graduating Students
  • Young entrepreneurs and business builders
  • Experienced business people
  • Potential advisors and coaches
  • Potential investors

Consider joining us! Bring your business partners with you and learn how to build Kingdom Impact business.