Craig and Lisa are a couple in their 40’s who have some financial security and enjoy a comfortable life. Writing a Will had not been a priority since they didn’t have children and so had never considered the issue of inheritance. Knowing that if one of them passed away the other would inherit the assets was comfort enough for them.


When one of their favourite charities suggested they consider how their ongoing accumulation of assets could take on more purpose now and later, they responded. When speaking with an estate planner, Craig and Lisa learned that without a Will in place, a substantial amount of their estate would have gone to the government in taxes.


They made some important decisions that not only effectively wrote the government out of their Will but would generate substantial charitable gifts for the work of some of their favourite charities giving a new purpose to their money.

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Webinar Lineup for 2021/2022

Your Will, your executor and what you all need to know.
It is important that both you and your executor understand the key elements of a Will, the role and responsibilities of an executor and the strategies that can be used to avoid taxes and fees while also ensuring your Will reflects you, your life and your faith. You are invited to join us for a webinar hosted by Advisors with Purpose that will prepare you to create a well planned Will and if your executor wants to join you, they are very welcome as well.
Presented by Lorne Jackson and Akua Carmicheal January 20th,2022 at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific


What you need to know about RRSP's and your Will 
RRSP’s may be an excellent way to save for retirement but what happens when some of those savings remain behind? Many think that they can be simply rolled over to the children but unfortunately much would go the government in taxes first. Our  partners at Advisors with Purpose are hosting a Webinar that will explain what will happen to your RRSP’s
Presented by Abraham Somavarapha  February 22nd, 2022 at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific


Promoting Family Harmony in Wills and Planning
Everyone needs Will. Whether you have a little or a lot, it is important that you have a Will that not only plans for your stuff but also makes a  statement about your faith, your values and wishes. Unfortunately, sometimes the process can be  difficult. Our  partners at Advisors with Purpose are hosting a Webinar that will help you consider how you can plan your Will and not only avoid conflict  but hopefully also promote family harmony within your family, heirs and executor. Presented by Lorne Jackson  March 22nd, 2022 at 3pm Eastern/12 noon Pacific


Planning Well for your Business -
What are the specific planning items for business owners and why is it important to have a plan? This might include a shareholder agreement to address death, disability, dispute, divorce, or departure of a shareholder. It might include thinking through an exit plan ahead of time. Are there potential buyers of the shares or will the business be wound up on death or retirement? A plan is key. Our  partners at Advisors with Purpose are hosting a Webinar that will help you better understand the options and processes.
Presented by Chantel Gibbs  April 21st, 2022  at 6pm Eastern/ 3pm Pacific


Money and Discipleship 
Many people are experiencing financial challenges, such as debt, a frustrating job, or inadequate savings. The Bible has a lot to say about money.  Indeed, the Bible is a blueprint for managing your finances. In this webinar hosted by our partners at Advisors with Purpose, we will  discover the profound impact handling money has on your relationship with God.
Presented by Rev. Ray Borg  April 26th, 2022 at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific


Considering your options - Will Planning for Singles May 10th at 7pm Eastern
Will planning is important for everyone and those who are unmarried, divorced or widowed could have unique situations and decisions to consider. Our  partners at Advisors with Purpose are hosting a Webinar that will help you think through the options and planning tools that are unique to singles.
Presented by Abraham Somavarapha  May 10th, 2022 at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific


No heirs? Options for planning your estate
So much information about Wills and Estate Planning involves strategies and tools for those with heirs. However, it is important that everyone has a Will that reflects their lives and faith and those without heirs have many opportunities to consider. .Our  partners at Advisors with Purpose are hosting a Webinar that will help you think through those options and ensures that your Will leaves a legacy that impacts generations to come. Presented by Abraham Somavarapha  May 26th, 2022 at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific 


How does foreign property affect my Will in Canada
Many Canadians have vacation or investment properties outside of Canada. There are some specific things you need to know about planning for them in your Will. Our  partners at Advisors with Purpose are hosting a Webinar that will walk you through the legal requirements and strategies to ensure the best outcome. Presented by Lorne Jackson . June 7th, 2022 at 7pm Eastern/4pm Eastern