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Tricia De Boer

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*Tax receipts will only be issued for Support and Ministry Accounts.

Serving in: Uganda Area of Ministry: Development
After 10 years of intercession the Lord released Tricia to serve the nations of Africa. She is the visionary and founder of the Africa Arise project (http://www.sim.ca/projects/AfricaArise). This project works closely with our Ugandan partner ministry (I Live Again Uganda). This ministry works directly with former child soldiers and victims of the Lords Resistance Army which is a rebel army that raged war in Uganda for 22 years. Tricia is based in Kampala serving in a slum where over 11,000 victims of the war and their families now reside. In this slum we provide Trauma Counseling, Discipleship, Job Skill/Education Support, Medical Care and Resettlement for families to leave the poverty and challenges of the slum and return to their villages in the northern region of Uganda. Tricia travels frequently to the northern region of Uganda to ensure that families are thriving as they leave the slum and return home after so many years of war and displacement. She has a passion to see identity and dignity restored to those she serves and believes that through this restoration upcoming generations will be positively impacted.
Tricia is involved in the project Africa Arise and the Uganda Refugee Project.  Find out more about this incredible initiative! 

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*Tax receipts will only be issued for Support and Ministry Accounts.

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