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Clara Klassen

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Serving in: Benin Area of Ministry: Administration / Leadership
 I am the Field Director for Benin and Togo. I am responsible for the SIM missionaries and ministries of this area. My role is to lead the team towards fulfilling our agreed upon vision and strategy. It is my desire to invest in the Benin/Togo church as well as investing in the personal growth and spiritual well-being of our team.
Clara Klassen is involved in the Translation and Literacy project.  Find out more about this incredible initiative!

Your Story

What does your daily life look like currently?
Clara Klassen said...
3 years, 7 months, 1 week, 6 days ago
There isn't really an 'average' day for me--which totally suits my personality. As an office staff we try to start the day together as we systematically pray thru each region where we work. When I can, I like to look at emails first thing and answer anything that seems urgent. It's often the last thing I do in my day, as that's when the office is finally quiet and I can work uninterrupted. By 9 a.m. I'm usually in meetings: either planned institutional meetings or with team members or the 'unexpected' person dropping in with a need. Where we have missionaries, I tend to sit on that administrative board (ie. Bembéréké Hospital, Sinendé Bible Institute, Nikki Girls' School, Bible Translation & Literacy etc). In addition I try to meet with the Leadership Team each week, the Church/Mission Council once a month and the Benin Togo Council twice a year. So...meetings are sort of a normal thing for me and it does mean traveling a bit.
My particular passion is Leadership Development. Sometimes that's in a formal way thru Servant Leadership & Team Building Seminars, or informal mentoring or in a practical way as I give counsel on the different boards.

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*Tax receipts will only be issued for Support and Ministry Accounts.

Several vernacular (local language) teams are working in some form of literature work in Benin. This project is to help support individual translation, literature and literacy teams reach their goals of translating and producing materials. Read More