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Robbie and Heather Oleniuk

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Serving in: Ghana Area of Ministry: Discipleship

Your Story

Imagine Yourself
Robert Oleniuk said...
11 months ago
Imagine yourself living in a remote area of Ghana as a part of a little, easily-overlooked people group. Only 150,000 people world-wide speak your language and understand your values and way of life.

Some new people move in to the community, but there is a giant gap between your world and theirs. Yet you experience them slowly learning your language, intentionally participating in your way of life, and building relationships. These people, now your friends, share a new way to think about life. They explain you don’t have to try to please people or spirits, rather God Himself came to earth to set you free and to trust in Him. Along with a few members of your community, you decide to follow this God and put your faith in Jesus!

Now, where do you go from there?
There are no leaders in the tiny churches to disciple and teach you, no online resources in your language, and no Bible Colleges to enrol in.

This is the point in the story where Robbie & Heather get to join in!

What does this new-found faith look like within your own culture?
How can you share your faith with your family and community?
What does Christ teach about the issues you face daily, but have never been considered by those from other cultures?

These and other questions are why we are leaving our life here to live in Northern Ghana. Until recently the Sissala people were completely unreached for Christ, but now that there are believers, they need people who understand their language and culture to walk with them in their faith journey and discover with them what it is to follow Christ in their context.
How are you impacting the next generation to take your place? Hos is this young person being discipled and taught by you? (teaching, medical work, Bible studies, etc.)
Robert Oleniuk said...
1 year, 4 weeks, 1 day ago
We want to be UNNECESSARY.
So our ministry in Ghana will be:
1. Culturally Connected
2. People Centered
3. Future Focused

SIM has a vision to see STRONG and MATURE churches of Sisaala people. For them to worship in their own language, live out their faith in the Sisaala context, and reach out to other Sisaalas.

If you haven't already, please consider supporting us monthly - "And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?" (Romans 10:15a)

Why missions? Why Ghana?
Robert Oleniuk said...
1 year, 5 months, 3 weeks, 1 day ago
How did the Oleniuk’s wind up heading overseas in missions?

Well, we’ve done overseas together once already (Korea to teach English), but this is entirely different! Korea piqued our interest in churches of different cultures and worldviews, but also began to shape our picture of ministry as a couple. But what is “missions” exactly? Christ’s mission for us is to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). Simply put: we go because He said go!
But we don’t go alone. Jesus finishes the statement in Matthew saying He will always be with us as we do His work. And that’s what we are excited about! We want to be doing God’s work and growing in Him as we do it.

Why Ghana?

Reflecting on our life in Korea revealed to us God had used that time to plant in us personal values as a couple in ministry. For example, we realized that we value working together on the same project/job, doing discipleship side-by-side, and learning from people and being part of a team.
The SIM team in Ghana encompasses these parameters, plus we’ll even be able to by part of creating our own “job description” once we get settled onsite. The churches in our area of northern Ghana are desperate for teaching and discipleship, and we anticipate learning from the experienced missionaries there!

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*Tax receipts will only be issued for Support and Ministry Accounts.

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